Muse 3D – Todo

The list of features that need to be done to the engine. Items that are struck out, have been completed.


  • Get OSX build up and running – this is a priority as I typically use my Mac Book most of the time
  • Replace LUA scripting with GameMonkey – LUA has caused a few issues in the past for me, especially with the meta-table functions are registered. Besides, I like the prefer the more consistent syntax of GameMonkey.


  • Implement stenciling for light sources during the light pass so that only objects within light volumes are lit 
  • Implement light volumes for:-
    • Directional lights
    • Spot lights
    • Area lights
  • Custom directional & area lights
  • Implement LOD models for spherical lights
  • Calculate positions of pixels in camera-space, rather than using a texture to hold them. This means that the entire render system will only ever use a single colour render target.
  • Implement a shadow pass using stencil shadows
  • Add support for custom post-processing passes
  • Skinned mesh support using CPU and GPU skinning via Transform Feedback/Streamout
  • Implement support for uniform/constant blocks


  • Implement basic skeleton support
  • Support for play-back of frame animations

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