Muse 3D


Muse 3D is my (not so) little 3D engine that uses multi-pass deferred lighting. This is a side project that is meant to let me mess around with modern rendering techniques as well as give me a common code-base from which to work on for small game ideas and other tech things that I want to try out.

Current Status

As of May 7th, Muse 3d does the following things:-

  • Renders static 3D models (no skinning or animation)
  • Performs lighting using deferred shading in three separate passes
  • Runs under windows
  • Currently uses Open GL for graphics using an abstracted graphics layer
  • Custom memory manager to minimize calls to system allocator and help track/analyze memory usage

Related Pages

Todo List – Stuff that still needs to be done to the engine. Features that I want to add, as well as any underlying changes to the structure of the engine code.

Design Notes – How stuff works, or is intended to work. Links to blog posts that discuss the details of bits of the engine.


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