More lowlevelsoul

Currently working for one of the big three game console manufacturers, I’ve been part of the games industry as a programmer since January 1999. Given that I was 22 at the time, that would me around….ok….let’s not pursue that line of thought any further. I feel young, which is the important thing, right?

Most of my work has been in the area of physics, animation, collision detection and making things run quickly! I bowed out of console development when my wife and I decided to have children, opting for more balance to my life after many years of crunch, stress and poor diet. I didn’t want to be an absent father and my health was suffering somewhat.

And so far, the choice has paid off big-time with a fantastic wife, two great kids and an interesting and challenging career.

I still keep my hand in development though. At work, I’m exposed to the workflow and technology that developers use on a constant basis. Which means that I really have to keep my skill set up if I’m to be able to provide them with the top level of support and help that they expect and deserve from a console platform holder. Not only that, but I’m naturally inquisitive. So I always want to learn new things that pique my interest.

Most of my spare time is currently spent writing a book which I’m expecting to deliver to my publisher in the first quarter of this year. When not working on that, I’m either spending time with my family, reading, playing guitar, adding to my Transformers collection, watching Formula 1 races, dabbling on pet projects and if the time allows; playing bit of video games here and there.

I love learning and I love to see other people learning. As such, I’m always open to questions about my work, about game development in general and also challenges to my ideas, thoughts and experiences. I’m a Scotsman so I love a good argument more than most people.

So please feel free to get in touch and ask me things.


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